by Yuppie Killer

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released March 26, 2013

Recorded February 2013 at Bubblegum Studios with Invaluable Assistance by Josh Vise in Seoul, Good Korea



all rights reserved


Yuppie Killer Republic of Korea

Yuppie Killer is a four-piece hardcore band from Seoul.

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Track Name: Urban War
lookin' out the window
the army's down the street
the bridges are blown
and traffic is dead
the mayor is screaming
and supplies are fleeting
urban war
the tanks roll through
and it's a bloody coup
soldiers pinned down
and citizens contained
the paper's got the story
and it goes
urban war
Track Name: Wall of Breakdown
empty cities
bitter faces
people living lives without no paces
freezing on the street
with the look of defeat
that's only if they can afford the heat
doing their best to bare the sleet and snow
only way to cope is by laying low
you'd do the same if it were 30 below
dog fucking days of winter
the lives we love to deplore
the lives we chose to ignore
can't stand
can't stand the thought
can't stand
can't stand straight
can't stand
Track Name: Pilot to Co-Pilot
do you copy? do you read me?
the voice rings loud.
mayday mayday
why are you always giving me the cold shoulder?
i'm a fucking pilot i don't need to be scolded.
asleep at the helm
i'm about ready to take us down
do you copy? do you read me?
the voice rings loud.
mayday mayday
take every chance to look the other way
assholes can't ignore the things that i say
you will wish you were never alive
throw us into a fucking dive
do you copy? do you read me?
the voice rings loud.
mayday mayday
now's the time for any last words
all i can say is fuck what you heard
think we both know where we're at
the end is coming. roger that.
Track Name: Loud Mouth City
loud mouth city
can't live peacefully
so much money
piss and poverty
loud mouth city
third world harmony
no suits to wear
no cross to bare
Track Name: Yuppie Killer
somewhere down the line
someone is dying because of your crime
but who the hell are they
and why should you give a fuck anyways?
by day he's just a stock trader
but by night he becomes a yuppie killer
organic fed designer creature
not every murderer carries a gun
sometimes they're just the bosses son
the shit gets heavy
Track Name: Surf Cop
nightstick in the night
surfer loser meet your plight
low tides for low lifes
when the waves are breaking
i'm breaking heads
surf cop surf cop
i am not afraid
surf cop surf cop
hang ten, you're booked
reef break, beach break, point break
you're the one that's weak
beach scum beach scum
go and get 'em
surf cop surf cop
i am not afraid
surf cop surf cop
hang ten, you're booked
Track Name: Dokdo Revenge Trilogy
two on dokdo
murder on dokdo
who's the killer?
only the other one knows

you can't kill me motherfucker
i'm alive in pohang
somebody kill me motherfucker
i'm alive in pohang

return for justice
get off the boat
when i arrived he was hanging from a rope
all alone
Track Name: Jesus Crust
bricks and mortar on my head
wonder if we're better off dead
got a lot of bad ideas
always ending in the red
i wake up bored there's a knock at the door
hits me all of a sudden
number crunchin' can't barely function
never comfortable with what i know
never comfortable with the seeds i sow