Cotton Candy

by Yuppie Killer

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released March 6, 2015

Tim - Yelling
Graham - Hitting
Ian - VI
Yoong Kwang - IV
Butcher - Solos

Further Yelling by Ken, Eddie, Garrett, Ji Hwan, Jaehyun, Bialy and Sean.

Recorded and Mixed by Hakju Chun at Mushroom Studios, Seoul.

Artwork by Trace Mendoza (




Yuppie Killer Republic of Korea

Yuppie Killer is a four-piece hardcore band from Seoul.

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Track Name: Gimme the Pills
up all night and can't sit still
gimme a break gimme the pills
do this do that fuck this fuck that
cold sweats haven't killed us yet
do this do that fuck this fuck that
Track Name: Thunderchief
try and tell you there's a cure to remedy the cause
bend you over backwards if it prevents a loss
sheltered by their stature protected by law
it doesn't make sense the system is flawed
when men were men making fire like men
no firemen only men making fire
slash and burn
gonna fight their thinking
gonna set it on fire
thunderchief cooking meat
Track Name: Police Informant
time travel through the atomic age
ended up in a nuclear cage
chip in my brain and serum in my veins
feeding me lies about thieves and spies
i should have never talked
police informant
Track Name: Common Pedestrian
stepping over bodies getting to the front
they got their greedy hands all over the hunt
hung on virtue and hungry for power
but nobody told them that the meat was sour
common pedestrian no absolution
no repent for what they do
common pedestrian the lies they twist
common pedestrian no resist
Track Name: I Wanna Die (Mississauga)
I wanna die like a coward
i wanna die in a prision shower
i wanna die on a russian sub
i wanna die in a country club
i wanna die in a foreign land
i wanna die in a foreigner band
i wanna die on television
i wanna die in front of children
i wanna die in a mafia hit
i wanna die in a hatebreed pit
i wanna die in a hockey brawl
i wanna die like john and paul
i wanna die writing filler
i wanna die in yuppie killer
i wanna die like a pawn
i wanna die at the end of this song
Track Name: Deadlift
living in sin say it's time for a change
creature comforts gotta rearrange
people stand in line waiting to buy
look me in the face i'm rolling my eyes
self indulgent bullshit
no one cares what you do
doesn't matter who you are
it's the life that you choose
idle thoughts they tow the line
Track Name: Pigs in The Void
fast thrash total hacks slip between the cracks
in too deep no going back
washed out dropouts biding their time
pissing away losing their minds
tension hostility
hit the switch and
drop the bomb on me
we'll let the pigs fill the void
in the vacant space we destroyed
shit the rug swing a ladder
hit the switch and
drop the bomb on me
little thieves escape the great get hanged
a mouth that bites and a hand that bleeds
circles of violence spurred by greed