by Yuppie Killer

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Recorded November 2013 at Union Studios, Seoul South Korea.
Mix and Mastered by Graham at The Lion's Den.
Released February 2014.


released February 11, 2014

Tim: Vocals
Ian: Guitar
Jay: Bass
Graham: Drums

Additional Vocals: Yurim and Jaehyun
Additional Guitar: Yongjun

Recorded by Brad Wheeler
Artwork by Trace Mendoza (

Special Thanks to Yongjun, Ken and all the rest of you bums.



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Yuppie Killer Republic of Korea

Yuppie Killer is a four-piece hardcore band from Seoul.

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Track Name: Asbestos Worship
tied up and bound by lock and chain it's kinda nice to watch them unravel for a change seeing all the good does evil as the fibers attack the people hard to get a handle on all the exposure as the mold is taking over living dirty in this sprawling city everything deteriorating deteriorating quickly only sick music makes money today only sick people make money today asbestos like the rest of us asbestos for the rest of us
Track Name: Young Republican
i'm a young republican old money ivy league sweater vest scientific blasphemy tax free homosexual disparity stop snitching vote nixon war machine racial slavery market dictators of morality prison state of control buoyed by losers on the dole young republican do you get off like me?
Track Name: Hate Crimes
danger dope deceit and lies why the fuck do we even try labor toil debt and sweat save yourself and fuck the rest inspiration motivation could never make a hard decision put us through trial and error we just wanna keep our heads above water some of these days i can't try some of these days i won't try
Track Name: Rat Tail
king rat on the prowl king rat crawling in your wall king rat gnawing on your skull now it's got a taste for greed one after another they'll start to feed the panic sinks in as the tails start to coil the rats hunker down to enjoy their spoils turning your suit into a sleeve of meat don't want your excuse just wanna feast can't get ahead they're around every turn long lives short rope who cares smoke 'em if you got 'em
Track Name: Loud Mouth City
loud mouth city can't live peacefully so much money piss and poverty loud mouth city third world harmony no suits to wear no cross to bear
Track Name: B.M.D.C.
we follow suit and we never deviate they sink the hook and we take the bait fall in line and fill our plates who's gonna hold on and carry the weight? there's a lot of good people living scared that's the way the cookie crumbles when you're having cookie trouble badass motherfuckers doing cocaine you like the violence and we like the pain badass motherfuckers doing cocaine cowboys from hell we love the smell badass motherfuckers doing cocaine
Track Name: Surf Cop
nightstick in the night surfer loser meet your plight low tide for low lives when the waves are breaking i'm breaking heads surf cop surf cop i am not afraid surf cop surf cop hang ten, you're booked reef break, beach break, point break you're the one that's weak beach scum beach scum go and get 'em
Track Name: Jesus Crust
bricks and mortar on my head wonder if we're better off dead got a lot of bad ideas always ending in the red wake up bored there's a knock at the door hits me all of a sudden number crunchin' can't barely function never comfortable with what i know never comfortable with the seeds i sow
Track Name: Rob Ford Rides Again
tank force partying with no remorse heavy metal playing as the ground starts shaking wheels of war beers galore drunk as sin rob ford rides again coors light heavy metal tank fight suv's crack cocaine rob ford rides again keg stand last stand tank brawl last call rob ford smokes it all
Track Name: Manifest Destiny's Child
everyone talking about how many figures how soon hard to give a shit when you get up at noon world's telling me to get wheelin' and dealing ask myself who the hell am i foolin' it's a modern vice but we pay the price
chasing emptiness in this fulfilling life when the bill comes it will be at our expenses taking the hit for their sick offenses there has got to be some consequences for everything we've made a mess of but whatcha gonna do about it?
Track Name: Urban War
lookin' out the window the army's down the street the bridges are blown and traffic is dead the mayor is screaming and supplies are fleeting urban war the tanks roll through and it's a bloody coup soldiers pinned down and citizens contained the paper's got the story and it goes urban war
Track Name: Dokdo I
two on dokdo murder on dokdo who's the killer? only the other one knows

you can't kill me motherfucker i'm alive in pohang somebody kill me motherfucker i'm alive in pohang

return for justice get off the boat when i arrived he was hanging by a rope all alone
Track Name: Dokdo II
kangaroo court i am the kangaroo i am the court kangaroo court

dokdo sharing ha ha ha

economic struggles now i'm eating seagulls imports seagulls exports bones time to go
Track Name: Dokdo III
beautiful island solitary island didn't you know? i am what i am solitary man

bright lights going crazy

big city problems all out of options life is a mess too many people now there's just one less no one's left dokdo
Track Name: Wall of Breakdown
empty cities bitter faces people living lives without no paces freezing on the street with the look of defeat that's only if they can afford the heat doing their best to bare the sleet and snow only way to cope is by laying low you'd do the same if it were 30 below dog fucking days of winter the lives we love to deplore the lives we chose to ignore can't stand