Yuppie Killer / 토끼좆 Split

by Yuppie Killer

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All profits made from this record will be donated to the Citizens' Alliance for North Korean Human Rights, a non-partisan, non-religious organization providing assistance to North Korean refugees.

Dedicated to Tim Butcher.


released February 17, 2017

Yuppie Killer:
Tim: crooning
Ian: shredding
Ali: bassing
Graham: hitting

정재현: 보컬
이안: 기타
타케시: 베이스
그람: 드럼

Noise guitar: Isaac (Vanishing Act)
Additional vocals: Baron van West, Mac (Kitsches), 송찬근 (Find the Spot.)

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Union Studios, Seoul.

Artwork by BLK18 (facebook.com/blk1818/?fref=ts&ref=br_tf)




Yuppie Killer Republic of Korea

Yuppie Killer is a four-piece hardcore band from Seoul.

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Track Name: Fucked Goals
How about nothing?
Track Name: Low Priorities
Open up your head spit in your mouth
Pull off your ears see what comes out
Cut out your spine and stitch it to your guts
Soak it in bleach and cover up the rust
How low are ya willing to go?
Take away the hunger
Take away the thirst
Tie you to a chair
Strip away the hope
Cut off your legs
Forget about the rope
Low priorities
Fuck responsibility
Track Name: Arab Spring Break
Each day into the next one
And another ones just begun
Each foot in front of the last one
And forgotten before its done
You wanna bend but theres nothing to break
You wanna give but theres nothing to take
Your numbers up but youve lost count
Bend and break
What difference does it make?
Track Name: Mind Control
Cant choose cant trust
Which side how much?
Kill what you caught
Hang it to rot
Mind control you're under control
Mind control we're outta control
Mind control we need the fix
Mind control sick of this shit
Track Name: 토끼좆 (Tokki Jot) - 토끼보이즈
공간 공기 소리 떨림

Tokki Ass, Tokki Cash, Tokki Vote, Tokki Froze

When we're here, I get erection

뒤엉킨 공간에
증폭된 소리에
이 공간 예상못한 감정 분출
Noise tokki erection

Tokki eats fuckin pigs
Track Name: 토끼좆 (Tokki Jot) - 폭력교습소
Listen to me
Listen to me
That's wrong wrong wrong..

타인에게 종일 비난
소리 폭력
위치를 이용한 의견묵살

학교부터 회사까지
폭력 교습
종류별 폭력배 양성소

Like you
Like me
Track Name: 토끼좆 (Tokki Jot) - 매국노
Here is a man I hate
I am facing you
I surround you
shards of glass down your throat bleed soju
do you enjoy it?

뭘 안다고 뭘 안단 말이야
뭘 안다고 뭘 안단 말이야 넌

국수주의 대명사
월드컵 올림픽 강요
안보면 매국노라 했지 매국노?
산울림은 왜 못 듣게 해
산울림은 왜 못 듣게 해

뭘 안다고 뭘 안단 말이야
뭘 안다고 뭘 안단 말이야 넌

니가 뭘알아

안절부절 못하는 니 눈을 도려내
안절부절 못하는 니 눈을 도려 *2

뭘 안다고 뭘 안단 말이야
뭘 안다고 뭘 안단 말이야 넌
Track Name: 토끼좆 (Tokki Jot) - Something Must Be Done (Antidote)
To stay at home is not for me
I'm not fool to watch T.V.
And let the world revolve around me
I'd like to know what's going on
Everyone's out to con
I got make my own decision

Something must be done
So we can live to see tomorrow
Something must be done
Or beg, steal or have to borrow

Don't you listen to the news
By the time it gets to you
Who knows where it might've been
And who am I to tell you this
I'm just a number on the list
That's why I'm so pissed
Something must be done right now